marți, 15 noiembrie 2016

The best Charing Cross escort is Lucy from Nyx Escorts

For some time now I had the fantasy of having a pornstar experience with an escort. I needed someone experienced, beautiful and eager enough to satisfy my every need and desire. This sort of women are really hard to come by mainly due to the fact that I am a very pretentious man that has very high standards when it comes to the women he chooses. I started browsing the internet in search of a woman that would fit these standards. 

After searching for a while, I found the website of this amazing escort agency in London that had a
woman so gorgeous with such a wide variety of services that I felt it’s impossible for me to not book a meeting with her. I called Nyx Escorts and I told them over the phone what fantasies I had and what desires, I told them that I wanted Lucy for an overnight experience and they promised that they will make my time spent with her very unique and that they will personalize my experience according to even my most exigent requirements.

And I have to tell you that they were true to their word. From the moment Lucy first came through my door I realized that I was going to spend some time with a very special woman. She was extremely beautiful, she had really great hair and her body was absolutely amazing. She had all the right curves in all the right places and the way she moved and smelled was the definition of seductiveness. I was absolutely struck by the way Lucy performed her striptease show, she knew exactly how to move and dance to make my heart beat raise and my blood rush through my veins like never before. She was so sensual and sexy that I just could not contain myself. When she first wrapped her luscious lips around me to give me an amazing OWO I knew that I am going to have the night of my life.

Nyx Escorts kept true to their words and managed to give me a truly personalized experience that will forever remain in my memory and in my heart. The amount of pleasure and thrills that Lucy offered me was out of this world, I enjoyed every moment spent in her company and I absolutely loved how good this amazing Charing Cross escort was with me. Nyx Escorts truly are the place where your dreams and fantasies can come to life. 

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