joi, 24 noiembrie 2016

The best Southwark escort is Carina

The most amazing time I had ever had with a woman was last week when I first met Carina, an extremely beautiful woman from Nyx Escorts. I chose to work with an escort agency to make some of my dreams and desires true because I had very pretentious and specific requirements from a woman and I just could not ask my girlfriend to do them. I love her, don’t get me wrong, however every man wants to have a woman that does everything in bed for them without question, we all need that and we all dream of having such a lady in our beds at least once in our lives. Having an experienced woman alongside us can teach us a lot of things about ourselves and about what truly brings pleasure to a woman, that is why I would recommend every man to try the services of an escort at least once in their life.

I found out about Nyx Escorts when I searched the internet in the hunt for the perfect escort agency
that would offer really professional and discreet services alongside with having some of the most beautiful women in Southwark. Nyx Escorts had really great reviews and beautiful testimonials from men that indulged in their services and had the time of their lives. I called them and I told them that I wanted Carina for a few hours. I really appreciated that they were very helpful and friendly over the phone and that really inquired about what my fetishes and fantasies were so that they can personalise my experience and make it more unique.

The Southwark escort from Nyx took into account my every requirement and really made it feel like Carina, that night, came with my pleasure in mind. She was dressed exactly like I wanted and she looked exactly the way I wanted. It was like they tailored Carina that night especially for me. The way she gave me pleasure was absolutely amazing, her OWO skills were out of this world and the way she felt when I was inside her, a level, was something that only a true professional can feel like. I felt like nothing could stop Carina from giving me the time of my life. She was really eager to try different things with me and she was nothing less than the true definition of pleasure and satisfaction. Everything about this experience spelled professionalism, dedication and Nyx Escorts were truly what they were advertised as being, the best escort agency in London. 

joi, 17 noiembrie 2016

Celine, the most amazing Gloucester escort

Being a middle aged man that is always busy developing his business you can’t always find the time to do anything else. The problem is that indeed time means money, every hour spent outside your office doing something else that your job you lose money and if that happens then you lose power, that’s the way the scales tip in favour of you or if in favour of your competitors. In this regards I have
to honestly say that sometimes this kind of life can get a bit lonely and boring. Sometimes you need  the companionship of a woman, of someone that will help you unwind and that would wipe away some of your worries. Last week I was invited to a very pretentious ball, a kind of event where you spend a night in the company of people that scan you from head to toe. Going there without keeping a proper etiquette can make or break you. This is why I knew that I needed to go with someone that would put me in a good light, a woman that would look like a true superstar and that would be able to keep a conversation with the other men and with myself and basically turn me into the envy of my peers.

I went online looking for the perfect escort agency that would be able to provide me with someone like that and I found out about Nyx Escorts. They were advertised as being the best escort agency in London and as being very professional and discreet. I really loved the reviews and testimonials they had from satisfied customers so I decided I would try out their services.
Especially when I saw that they have an absolutely gorgeous Gloucester escort, the lovely Celine. She was every man’s dream, Celine had hypnotising green eyes and a skin so perfect that it was like she was made by the stuff stars are made of. I booked a meeting with her and also I told Nyx Escorts that after our dinner date I would like to have her overnight for some a level experiences, OWO, and for a girlfriend experience. They told me that they will be able to satisfy my every need and that they will personalise my experience according to all my requirements.

And they did keep their promise, when I first met Celine I instantly knew I made the right choice, Celine was a true angel, she knew exactly how to dress for this kind of event and she knew how to act when she was with me and even when she was alone with the other sharks. This amazing Gloucester escort was a true professional and she was nothing less than the best girlfriend that night. Nothing could compare to how good I felt in her company and how smart, delicate and discreet lovely Celine was. I absolutely loved every moment spent in her company and if I ever will need such services again I would go for Celine without any thought.

marți, 15 noiembrie 2016

The Edgware Road call girl that blew my mind

Nothing can or ever will compare to the feeling that I had in the company of Carina, the best Edgware Road escort. She is from Nyx Escorts, one of the loveliest escort agencies in London. When I first got in contact with them I told them about my fantasies and about all that I wanted to do with her. A level, BDSM, domination, OWO I needed her to be a very good submissive and to satisfy all my dreams and desires. I loved the fact that they were very friendly and helpful with me, they promised me that I would receive a very professional, personalised and discreet experience which will remain forever in my heart. And they did deliver all that they promised, Carina was more than I could ever imagine, she was very delightful, extremely beautiful and open minded and eager to satisfy my every need and desire. 

It was absolutely amazing, every little moment spent in her company. I was really satisfied to see that Carina was eager to indulge in different experiences with me and she was extremely comfortable with ropes and handcuffs around her wrists. The BDSM experience that we had was something out of this world, she took all the punishment I had for her like a true professional and she never said no, no matter what I wanted to try with her.

But I have to tell you that when she started giving me a tantric massage I felt my senses overload with pleasure, she knew exactly how to use her magical hands to make me lose my mind and to make me feel like never before. I was in awe to see how well this amazing Edgware Road escort knew to give pleasure to me. She was a real woman, in every sense, everything she did was absolutely perfect and I felt like I was in the presence of a true goddess of pleasure. Nothing could stop this little escort from making my dreams and my fantasies come true and I have to say that right now I want nothing more than to have her again and again.

Carina will forever remain in my heart as the best submissive partner that I ever had, and Nyx Escorts will forever remain in my memory as the place that helped me make my fantasies and dreams come true.  

The best Charing Cross escort is Lucy from Nyx Escorts

For some time now I had the fantasy of having a pornstar experience with an escort. I needed someone experienced, beautiful and eager enough to satisfy my every need and desire. This sort of women are really hard to come by mainly due to the fact that I am a very pretentious man that has very high standards when it comes to the women he chooses. I started browsing the internet in search of a woman that would fit these standards. 

After searching for a while, I found the website of this amazing escort agency in London that had a
woman so gorgeous with such a wide variety of services that I felt it’s impossible for me to not book a meeting with her. I called Nyx Escorts and I told them over the phone what fantasies I had and what desires, I told them that I wanted Lucy for an overnight experience and they promised that they will make my time spent with her very unique and that they will personalize my experience according to even my most exigent requirements.

And I have to tell you that they were true to their word. From the moment Lucy first came through my door I realized that I was going to spend some time with a very special woman. She was extremely beautiful, she had really great hair and her body was absolutely amazing. She had all the right curves in all the right places and the way she moved and smelled was the definition of seductiveness. I was absolutely struck by the way Lucy performed her striptease show, she knew exactly how to move and dance to make my heart beat raise and my blood rush through my veins like never before. She was so sensual and sexy that I just could not contain myself. When she first wrapped her luscious lips around me to give me an amazing OWO I knew that I am going to have the night of my life.

Nyx Escorts kept true to their words and managed to give me a truly personalized experience that will forever remain in my memory and in my heart. The amount of pleasure and thrills that Lucy offered me was out of this world, I enjoyed every moment spent in her company and I absolutely loved how good this amazing Charing Cross escort was with me. Nyx Escorts truly are the place where your dreams and fantasies can come to life.